3rd Strand

3rd Strand Mandala

My mandala are structured in such a way that when one looks at the there is a distinct impression that there is a light shinning behind them that is directed through the eye towards the hypothalamus. This is tiny region of the brain located at the base of the brain, near the pituitary gland, and plays a crucial role in many important functions, including: releasing hormones, regulating body temperature as well as processing light as it enters the eye amongst many things. I believe that by simulating the hypothalamus with light and imagery, it is possible to regulate and improve its function.


The 3rd strand mandala demonstrates a self-generating geometry, where the a new star of David on a higher level is generated from the first. In esoteric science the interplay of the 2 equilateral tringles that form the star of David can represent the interplay of the male and female chromosomes in the inhuman body. When a new triangle is born from the first 2 in my view could represent the activation of third DNA strand on a metaphysical sense in the body.

Magen David

In Leonora Leet’s book the Universal Kabbalah (2004), she explains and proves that the Star of David is a self-generating geometric construction which is also associated with the heart Chakra in Tantric Yoga. In her book she presents a new understanding of the laws of cosmic manifestation through the sacred geometry of the Sabbath Star diagram. This geometric model begins with the four worlds of the classical Kabbalah, bringing us to the present time and birthright level of the soul, she then through a series of diagrams expands it to three higher enclosing worlds or levels of evolving consciousness. The hexagram elements that construct each expansion of the Sabbath Star diagram configure the cosmic stages of each of its “worlds.” The matrix that is produced by these construction elements configures the level of the multi-dimensional soul that is correlated with each cosmic world. In its final stage, this model unites the finite and infinite halves of the Sabbatical world in a way that exemplifies the secret doctrine of the Kabbalah.


Science today rejects the notion of the human body having 3 strand DNA however an article on the UCSB site attempts to address this possibility There is no organism known to me that have a tipple DNA strand.

The following article outlines what is being done to the DNA presently by adding short DNA pieces to form 3 strand DNA coding.

“It is, however, possible to bind short oligonucleotides (very short DNA pieces that are synthetically made from nucleotides ( = phosphate sugar and purine or pyrimidine base )) to a specific DNA site. This is extensively studied for gene regulation.

Let me try to explain this. Gene expression is the transfer of the information encoded within the genome into proteins via an intermediate message, mRNA. Each step involves an amplification step: multiple copies of mRNA are transcribed from the DNA and a large number of protein molecules are translated from each mRNA. Each step is highly controlled by the action of proteins. These proteins form specific protein-DNA complexes which are necessary so that the transcription or translation can happen.

It would be nice if we could control gene expression externally for instance to correct some malfunction in the cell or as a means of killing foreign cells (like bacteria,viruses etc). For example, inhibition of specific proteins (usually enzymes) by drugs is already used by the pharmaceutical industry. Here control is taken place after the proteins are translated.

But in addition to inhibit particular gene products, it may be more efficient to interfere with earlier stages of its production like at the level of the gene itself. It is possible to design drugs that bind to DNA. The complex formed between the Drug and the DNA is then unable to be transcribed. (This is pretty cool but we are only at the beginning). Another possibility which is very specific is using oligonucleotides that recognize DNA duplexes (the DNA helix) and by hydrogen bonding (H–H bonds between the bases) bind to the DNA in its major groove and form a DNA triple helix. These triple helical structures will play an important role in the control of gene expression in the future because the are highly specific. This means that if you know the DNA sequence which you want to block you can synthesize an oligonucleotide than binds only to that region and nowhere else. This triple helix can not be transcribed and therefor the “bad” protein will not be synthesized.”

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