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Focus mind and heart

The Fire element is seen symbolically as a red crow.

The red symbolizes transcendence, passion and the heart, the crow protection and guardianship. Element of Fire, motivation, assists focus in meditation, burns away old energetic patterns, opens heart to compassion, brings peace.

FIRE can be joyful, playful, warm, and sociable, however watch out you don’t get too much or you will get burnt or be burnt out! Too much sun (Fire) kills plants and burns skin, too much partying can leave you feeling depleted. By the time the summer holidays are over everyone is well and truly ready to get back into their Earthy grounded routines, children are wanting to get back to school and we return to our working lives to begin the year all over again. The elements work in our lives in a never ending cycle of change and movement. Always shifting and aiming to reach harmony with each other. Fire is the beginning and the end.

With the “Earth element” (Heartbeat of the Mother) we spoke of the ancient texts describing how in the Wuxing sheng cycle the Fire consumes the wood and eventually cools down to become the Earth, full of Metal and minerals from which comes Water to feed and nourish the plants (Wood) which feeds Fire and so on and on and on and on, into infinity. This is the nourishing cycle-the way in which the elements feed and nourish each other.

I have also spoken of the controlling cycle, where the elements control each other to ensure that no one element becomes over dominant.  For example if Fire becomes dominant then it can rage out of control consuming and burning everything up in its path. In the controlling cycle Water puts out Fire which melts Metal which cuts down Wood. Wood holds Earth together which controls Water by containing it.

In the Four Element Theory that we are more used to in the west, the Sun is Fire and relates to the masculine principal; outward, active. In Five Element Theory, Fire is the same; it is an active yang element, wonderfully motivating and warm, joyful, social and attractive.

The Balanced energy

So, if the natural order of things is harmony and balance, why do we become out of balance? Surely as we are simply a part of the universal whole and also made up of the Five Elements then isn’t balance our natural state? Why would illness and disease persist and why do we continually choose to do things which are not good for our health or the health of the planet?

Because human beings do not have a natural control cycle, we feed on the nourishing cycle and have no sense of when to stop or change unless a controlling factor or a discipline is brought in. The controlling cycle is a tool for understanding, developing and encouraging harmony between the elements and thus in the body, mind and spirit of the patient.

Happy, lively, passionate and compassionate the balanced fire type has an open heart, a desire for union and a capacity for intimacy. Attractive and warm, intuitive and empathic this type has an abundant, spirited enthusiasm for life. Able to focus and achieve much they have a clear mind and are able to peacefully meditate even when seemingly very active.



Excitable, hypersensitive and manic this type will go to extremes to get attention which leads to restlessness and manic behaviour. They jump from one thing to another unable to focus on details and finish tasks. Energy burns out and depression ensues. They have difficulty in relationships as others find their intensity overwhelming. Inappropriate, loud and annoying laughter is a key symptom as well as irrational and confused behaviour.


Selfish, cold, and forgetful the deficient Fire type is unable to generate warmth and affection since their Fire has literally “gone out”.  A monotonous voice and lack of humour with feelings of melancholy and depression are characteristic of this. They create fantasies with unrealistic hopes for the future and can easily become obsessed by external pleasures.

The Balanced Energy vibrational essence blend Pure Heart Pure Mind assists one in being able to burn away old stuck mental patterns and open up the heart to compassion bringing in warmth, joy and calming anger. It helps one to focus mind and heart in all aspects of life.


The organs associated with Fire are the Heart and Small Intestine


The Heart powers the river of life force (that is our bloodstream) which contains all the cells need around the body.

The Heart is also referred to as a Liquid Oscillator. There are seven muscles that make up the heart which form a tetrahedral (equilateral triangle) pyramid. When light enters the iris and retina this affects the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands which produce the hormones essential to the function of the body. (In Chinese medicine this is called the Crystal Palace). The light frequencies then move through the thyroid directly into the heart which vibrates and splits them into 7 rays, much like a prism does.

Cells, to complete any function, need the correct amount and frequency of light and natural nighttime darkness. The fluid in the cells also needs to be charged electrically to work the processes that happen within the interstitial fluid. It is the Heart which generates the electrical impulse and is responsible for sending impulses and voltage around the body as it pumps the blood (life force).

The heart relates, on a general level, to our ability to be able to make sure that everything in our lives receives whatever it needs for its growth and development. It is the organ related to the emotion of compassion which is an attribute of Fire.


The small intestine begins with the duodenum located directly after the stomach. This is where the bile from the gallbladder and the pancreatic enzymes from the pancreas begin to open up the nutrients in our food. Then the next sections of the small intestines, the jejunum and the ileum, allow the useful items in the food to be absorbed through the intestines into the blood where they are distributed around the body to assist with growth, function and development. The Small Intestine relates to being in the place we need to be in order to see what life has to offer us (duodenum), creating the situations we need to be able to look into what life has to offer and locating the valuable items needed and then the ability to bring into life whatever it is we need for our development and growth. (ileum and jejunum)


Too much Fire can cause excessive perspiration or tendency to overheat, flushed complexion, skin eruptions or irritations, sores on mouth, tongue and lips, eczema, psoriasis, lack of appetite, irregular or rapid heartbeat with palpitations or angina. (Seek medical assistance immediately if this occurs)


Chronic fatigue, loss of vitality, loss of appetite, digestive problems (indigestion, flatulence, heartburn) heart irregularities and palpitations, hypertension, cardiac insufficiency, congestive heart failure.

Fire also has two other organs related to it by Traditional Chinese Medicine; The Triple Heater and the Pericardium. These organs do not exist on a physical level, they are purely energetic. However they play a most important role in the physical health and well being of the body according to Five Element Theory.

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Henri Venturini is Master practitioner, teacher and producer of vibrational medicine, energy healing and martial arts. He lives on Whangaparaoa Peninsula in New Zealand where he runs his Auckland based natural health and healing company Balanced Energy™. They also facilitate a Diploma of Vibrational Medicine course for practitioners wishing to train in these modalities. Copyright Balanced Energy 2007

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