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Element of Fire as Light- unifying and balancing this element relates to all the elements working together in harmony. Dissolves energetic blocks to connecting with the wider, cosmic consciousness.

In Wuxing (the underlying theory for Traditional Chinese Medicine) it is the element of Fire that rules the heart and small intestine but also the Pericardium and Sanjiao.

The heart and Small Intestine relate to whether one is able to obtain what one needs from life to nourish and support development and growth on many levels. The heart being the electrical energy is also the Commander of Blood and ruler of all the other organs, it assists the exchange of old blood for new. The small intestine on the other hand being is the place where the body gets what it needs from the nutrients in our food.


Pericardium is a muscle that surrounds the heart, it acts as mechanical protection for the heart and big vessels, and a lubrication to reduce friction between the heart and the surrounding structures. A very important role in all aspects of pericardial functions is played by mesothelial cells. In TCM It is the outer membrane around the heart that protects it from attacks by exogenous pathogenic factors, therefore the pericardium is capable of being attacked by exogenous Heat, but the Heart is not (directly).


In TCM, Sanjiao helps the body to transport fluids so that they do not build up. It is also thought to take away itching and heat and is used to treat swellings, chronic constipation and problems with organs in the ribcage and abdomen. It is a network of spaces in the body that provides a site and a thoroughfare, enabling the ascending and descending movement of qi and fluids.

Interestingly on an esoteric level the heart is also strongly associated with the concept of love and compassion, which is also a key ingredient in our emotional well being and healthy amounts of this also assist us to get what we need for our development and growth in a different sense. The Institute of Heart Math – connected to Stanford University has discovered that the heart actually has its own brain with about 40,000 brain cells. Interestingly enough the heart begins to beat in the human fetus BEFORE the brain is formed. Could it be that our heart has its own intelligence and ability to “think” for itself? This places a different perspective on the well known phrase “heart centered”. There are many things about the health and wellbeing of our body, mind and spirit that we still do not fully comprehend, but one thing that we do know for certain is that it is necessary to address the physical, emotional and energetic aspects to create perfect balance for ones heart to be truly healthy.

The Heart: liquid oscillator of light

When light enters the iris and retina this affects the pineal, pituitary, thalamus and hypothalamus glands which produce the hormones essential to the function of the body. In Chinese medicine these glands are collectively referred to as the “Crystal Palace” and the “Cave of Brahma” in tantric alchemy.

The light frequencies then move through the thyroid directly into the heart which vibrates and splits this into 7 rays, much like a prism (or tetrahedra) does.

According to author, scientist and researcher Greg Braden there are seven muscles wrapped around the heart in the same configuration as the seven axes of symmetry present in the tetrahedra. He calls the heart a liquid light oscillator.

Cells, to complete any function properly, need the correct amount and frequency of light and natural night time darkness. The fluid in the cells also needs to be charged electrically to work the processes that happen within the interstitial fluid. It is the heart which generates the electrical impulse and is responsible for sending impulses and voltage around the body as it pumps the blood (lifeforce) and directly affects the action of the Autonomic Nervous System.

Like only the clear, unclouded sunlight through a prism creates a splitting of seven clear rays of light into a rainbow, so the light entering the body needs to be clear and unclouded to assist the healthy function of the cells.

In the modality of Vibrational Medicine ones mental and emotional energies are seen to flow around in the aura (the energy field around the body) like a vast ocean of light. When the energy is not balanced it becomes murky and, like clouds, obscures the light filtering through to the physical body, this can be seen clairvoyantly and also using technology such as biofeedback photography. The heart cannot oscillate properly and the bloodstream which contains the life force energy becomes clouded also. The cells cannot do their jobs efficiently. Healthy processes break down. (Medically, when the heart reacts to stressful situations and emotions everything in the body is immunologically challenged).

This is also emulated on a physical level by the build up of cholesterol around a cell, which prevents the light from entering into the cell to trigger the chemical reactions necessary for healthy cellular function.

In the same way a naturopath may take you through a physical cleanse using herbs and diet, an energy healer uses healing techniques to “detox” the clouds in the energy field and let the “sunlight” back in so that the prism (heart) can radiate clear light into the body and fully charge the cells at their fullest potential.

There has been a recent medical discovery that there is a relationship between the heartbeat and heart rate and a point of balance between the two which cardiologists call the nesting of the heart. The ultimately healthy heart has nothing to do with heart rate or pulse but the union of the two where the point of balance lies.

The aim of Vibrational Medicine is to bring one into a point of balance where everything mental, emotional and therefore physical is in harmony. This creates a state of energetic health which complements any other form of treatment – physical, herbal or pharmaceutical to work at its fullest potential.

Many people are under the impression that the heart (pulmonary circulation) pumps blood right around the body, actually there are different types of circulation working to do this all over the body, with the structure of the veins, arteries and capillaries becoming so small in places it would be impossible for the heart alone to pump your blood all the way around.

Oxygen-rich blood from the lungs enters the blood vessels through the heart’s main artery called the aorta. The forceful contraction of the heart’s left ventricle forces the blood into the aorta which then branches into many smaller arteries which run throughout the body. The inside layer of an artery is very smooth, allowing the blood to flow quickly. The outside layer of an artery is very strong, allowing the blood to flow forcefully. The oxygen-rich blood enters the capillaries where the oxygen and nutrients are released. The waste products are collected and the waste-rich blood flows into the veins in order to circulate back to the heart where pulmonary circulation will allow the exchange of gases in the lungs.

Systemic circulation supplies nourishment to all of the tissue located throughout your body, with the exception of the heart and lungs because they have their own systems. During systemic circulation, blood passes through the kidneys. This phase of systemic circulation is known as renal circulation. During this phase, the kidneys filter much of the waste from the blood. Blood also passes through the small intestine during systemic circulation. This phase is known as portal circulation. During this phase, the blood from the small intestine collects in the portal vein which passes through the liver. The liver filters sugars from the blood, storing them for later.

Henri-noel Venturini is a Master practitioner, teachers and producer of Vibrational Medicine. He is the director and co- founders of the Monshah Institute of Mind Body Medicine (training practitioners in Vibrational Medicine) and Balanced Energy Ltd, a natural health company producing health programmes and products with a new perspective on energy medicine with clinics in Auckland , New Zealand. Copyright Balanced energy 2008

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