6 Elements

Six Universal Elements

Six Mandala to symbolise balance

These six, beautiful Mandala have been produced by Henri-noel Venturini to complement the Balanced Energy Six Element products. Each image takes many hours of careful work to produce and incorporates many layers (up to 200) of numbers, shapes, symbols and colours which work together to create a picture of the balanced energy of each element.

Balanced Energy Mandala can be used for meditation, to create energy and atmosphere in a room, or to charge water, crystals and food.

The Mandala can also be used to identify which element you need for balance in any moment. Simply look at all six and choose the one which stands out the most to you. This will be the element you need at this time. Alternatively you can click on the Mandala and read more about this element to help choose the correct one.

Balanced Energy Mandalas come in many different forms:

-Gift Cards- single and sets
-Photo prints- A6, A5, A4
-Digital prints
-Laminated prints
-Canvas prints
-Personalised commissions using the name of a person or business

To purchase a Mandala or to find out more about the Balanced Energy Mandala:
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