Betae and Youna

Betae and Youna


The 38 song of the Dao de Ching

The highest virtue is not virtuous.
Therefore it has virtue.
The lowest virtue holds on to virtue.
Therefore it has no virtue.
The highest virtue does nothing.
Yet, nothing needs to be done.
The lowest virtue does everything.
Yet, much remains to be done.
The highest benevolence acts without purpose.
The highest righteousness acts with purpose.
The highest ritual acts, but since no one cares,
It raises its arms and uses force.
Therefore, when the Way is lost there is virtue.
When virtue is lost there is benevolence.
When benevolence is lost there is righteousness.
When righteousness is lost there are rituals.
Rituals are the end of fidelity and honesty,
And the beginning of confusion.
Knowing the future is the flower of the Way,
And the beginning of folly.

The truly great ones rely on substance,
And not on surface,
Hold on to the fruit,
And not to the flower.
They reject the latter and receive the former


The impartiality of the god self is inculcated in the image of Betae, it also it forsakes fairness. This can be seen as aloofness, impassiveness or disconnection from reality, however its strength is to remain open minded to everything within our experience.


The desire for wisdom, intuition, reincarnation, and a spiritual connection is strong as the cycle of a seed which grows into a flower, then blooms, and then dies.

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