Mandala created by Monshah

Mandala: man⋅da⋅la

/ˈmʌndlə/ Pronunciation [muhn-dl-uh]


  1. Oriental Art. A schematized representation of the cosmos, chiefly characterized by a concentric configuration of geometric shapes, each of which contains an image of a deity or an attribute of a deity.
  2. (In Jungian psychology) a symbol representing the effort to reunify the self


In Etymology the Sanskrit word “Mandala “ is a compound deriving from manda, which means “essence,” and the suffix la, meaning “container” or “possessor.” Consequently, the etymology of the word “mandala” suggests not just a circle but a “container of essence.”


‘Monshah’ (Henri-noel Venturini) artist, energy healer and teacher of martial arts and Taiji, explores the geometry, numerology, colour and quantum physics of energy with these contemporary representations of the fundamental structures of life. Creating unique and striking, visual representations of ideas, concepts and energies, each holding a deep subconscious message designed to enhance the balance of the viewer to a sub atomic level.

Adding another dimension to traditional techniques and sacred geometry used for millennia by artists, architects and spiritual practices, to develop contemporary representations of fundamental structures of life Henri’s modern depictions of Mandala begin with the traditional techniques then using the advanced precision offered by technology and insights of quantum physics, Henri takes these symbolic designs one step further to bring this ancient form of art into the modern age by juxtaposing the old with the new.

Says Henri: “Both science and religion acknowledge that colour, numbers, words and shapes carry vibrations which affect consciousness. Combining all four creates a unique medium for identifying what is needed for individual healing.”

The Healing

Henri’s inspiration comes from the power of prayer and how our intent shapes the expression of the words we speak: “In the Beginning there was the word” is the foundation concept behind his work.

With is art work Henri presents a doorway into our personal enlightened space – using the Mandala to express the pure intent behind each word and thought.

Henri views his mandala as a tool to facilitate meditation and healing, experiencing the potential to move from the witness into their spiritual centre. Carl Yung explains that Mandala is a place where the inner world and the outer world come together in our body. The Mandala is our body which represents the entire world.


Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Taoist traditions in Mandala creation
Science of Gematria (relationship between numbers and letters)
Leonardo Da Vinci work on sacred geometry and the Golden Mean
Dr Masaru Emoto’s work on the power of prayer

The medium:

Vivid, multi-coloured, multi-media, prints which vibrate with energy and life. Each Mandala holds a unique code and speaks volumes to viewers who are attracted to the one which holds a specific message for them.

Henri can be commissioned to create a personalised Mandala for a business or a person. Each Mandala takes many hours of precise work to create and can be printed in many different ways for display.

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