Monshah Vision

Monshah is an experienced body worker, Tai Chi teacher, Spiritual Counsellor and Energy Healer currently living in New Zealand.

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My name is Monshah

(Henri-noel Venturini )

I am A deeply intuitive healer from a young age and I use my extensive knowledge gained from over 20 years of massage, Martial Arts, Tai Chi and Qigong in my practice of Mind Body Medicine. Co-founder of Balanced Energy and the designer of the Balanced Energy Six Element Mandala.
I specialise in the mind- body connection where I tailor my clients sessions to meet their individual needs to assist in process of resolving the constructs that are holding them back from enjoyment of life: physical, mental, or psychological. Book Now !!!

My Vision

To impart wisdom, knowledge, awareness and compassion through the use of energetic medicine.

My Mission

To be visible….and to create an environment of compassion and connection to assist in the contribution of transformation of self and others.

My Communication

To create a safe environment and believe that communication can happen in multifaceted ways.

To achieve this through compassion and understanding and by being inclusive and non-judgmental

My Contribution

The contribution of my energy, knowledge and involvement within the community is achieved through classes, group gatherings, exchanges of knowledge and learnings so I can all reach our potential happiness.

My Connection

My connection is vital to humankind as it offers a vehicle to acknowledge and experience the wonderment of life.

My Service

I offer quality services which are founded in knowledge, delivered with compassion and professionalism, and fully believe my clients wellbeing is my top priority.

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