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Balanced Acupuncture


With the high-quality training our staff receives, we make sure that each therapist can give you the best cupping experience you’ve ever had. We believe in building and maintaining intense well-being, and the techniques we use will help you achieve just that. We offer acupuncture treatments founded in Traditional Chinese Medicine aimed at treating the body holistically. We are ACC registered and offer treatments for all musculoskeletal pain and ailments.
Acupuncture is also very effective for chronic issues such as headaches, digestive complaints, sleep disorders, depression, PTSD and all female reproductive complaints.

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Chinese Acupuncture

Private 1 hr. initial consultation: $80

Private Follow Up treatment: $80

ACC 1 hr. Treatment surcharge: $30

Aromatherapy 5 element Message

60 minutes : $120

90 minutes: $150


Initial Consultation: $80

Follow-up treatment: $80

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Initial Consultation: $80

Follow-up consultation: $50

Herbs for One week: $50

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