Pain and inflammation

ACC Acupuncture for pain and inflammation

Acupuncture has been used for the treatment of acute painful soft tissue injuries by relieving pain and often by re-balancing your physical energy as part of a collaborative approach. Therapists have used this healing practice for approximately 3,000 years.

  • What does acupuncture treatment for pain entail? Our certified practitioner places thin needles into specific meridians or nerve points present along the communication pathways in your body, targeting those that treat your condition.
  • Your practitioner may move the needles placed just below the skin’s surface by hand at intervals or invigorate them with electrical currents, advancing neurochemical activity.
  • In other words, the needles stimulate particular sensory nerves, jolting them to communicate with your brain. The brain activates an immune system response and increases circulation to that area, releasing endorphins – your natural painkillers – that travel through your body to bring about healing. The current causes your energy to travel through the communication channels, bringing balance to the immune and nervous systems.
  • Key areas of the body that often incur soft tissue injuries are the Knees, shoulders , back and ankles

How was ACC position changed in regards to Acupuncture

How was ACC position changed in regards to Acupuncture

ACC New Zealand has now based on clinical evidence that they commissioned that acupuncture has a role in reducing pain and inflammation of musculoskeletal conditions, and suggested it is most effective in the short to medium term (6-12 weeks). The evidence for this is a review by the University is South Australia Evidence-Based Review: Effectiveness and Safety of Acupuncture Interventions for the Treatment of Musculoskeletal Conditions
ACC also acknowledges that their clients also told them that they use acupuncture in the early part of their recovery from injury.

About Balanced Acupuncture Clinic

Our acupuncturist, Henri-Noel Venturini, has a bachelor’s degree from the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. He employs several treatments, such as electroacupuncture and traditional acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicines, massage, and moxibustion. Attain physical health, inner well-being, restore your spirit and care for your body with his help.

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