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With everything going on in the world today, the stresses of everyday life can become overwhelming. In that case, cupping therapy is something you should look at to relieve you from all those stresses and muscle tension. Cupping is an age-old alternative medicine practice where steeply domed cups are placed over your back for a few minutes creating a sucking effect at various points.

The cups come in different materials, such as glass, silicone, or bamboo. By placing a flammable substance like alcohol or paper in the cup and setting it on fire, the air inside the cup cools, causing a vacuum effect, sucking on the skin upwards. As a result, our trained therapists provide you with complete relaxation.

Benefits of Cupping Massage

People choose this type of therapy for different reasons, and just like the reasons, there are various benefits, all of which can be extremely good for you. This therapy has a diverse user base, from Olympic athletes to pregnant celebrities and everyone in between. You’ve probably seen those red circles on the backs of people when you go swimming or go to the gym. It’s becoming increasingly popular as more people realise its beneficial nature.

  • Cupping can increase circulation in the area where your therapist places the cups. The increased circulation and blood flow will help relieve chronic muscle pain, increase cell repair, and reduce cellulite in the body.
  • When the cup is gliding over your body, it will engage your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for slowing down your heart rate, increasing gland activity, as well as assisting indigestion. The cups will also help your body go into a deep state of relaxation.
  • Cupping can assist you if you find yourself struggling with congestion in the lungs due to colds or asthma. Cupping isn’t necessarily limited to your back; it can also be applied to your chest area, bringing oxygen-rich blood and lymph towards your lungs and breaking down congestion.

What To Avoid After a Cupping Massage

A cupping massage is a safe and comfortable treatment. Still, if you want to benefit to the full extent from the therapy work, you must remember to follow the aftercare guidelines. These instructions assist your muscles to stay loose and help flush away any waste leftover in your body; for example, drinking lots of water will help rid your system of the lymph waste caused by the cupping.

  • As soon as you finish your massage, something crucial to put into action is staying warm and getting some rest. Your body will ache and feel more tired than usual; that’s due to the waste the cupping has been able to release in your body. Fatigue and flu-like symptoms are completely normal to experience.
  • After you’ve been through the treatment, there are some substances and activities you’ll need to avoid for the treatment to work to its fullest extent. These include sugary foods, alcohol, and caffeine. Also, staying away from hot showers or strong air conditioners is crucial to remember as your skin will be more sensitive than usual.
  • When you decide to get the treatment done, there are also a few recommendations to consider before your session. Always remember to eat an hour before your treatment, drink lots of water to stay hydrated and if you have a sunburn, let that heal first because the cups will further agitate the burn.

Why You Should Use Balanced Acupuncture

With the high-quality training our staff receives, we make sure that each therapist can give you the best cupping experience you’ve ever had. We believe in building and maintaining intense well-being, and the techniques we use will help you achieve just that.

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