Acupuncture for depression

Acupuncture for Depression

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Acupuncture for Depression May Help if You Do Not Respond to Routine Interventions

Support treatment of your mood disorders with acupuncture for depression and anxiety if traditional treatments do not provide the relief you seek. Eastern medicine could serve as an adjunct to psychotherapy and medication to bring physical, emotional, and mental balance and healing.

The Importance of Treatment for Depression With Traditional Chinese Medicine A disease may result if your energy source or qi is unsteady. Acupuncture could assist in alleviating anxiety and depression symptoms by re-balancing your physical energy as part of a collaborative approach. Therapists have used this healing practice for approximately 3,000 years.

What does acupuncture treatment for depression entail?

  • Our certified practitioner places thin needles into specific meridians or nerve points present along the communication pathways in your body, targeting those that treat your condition.
  • Your practitioner may move the needles placed just below the skin’s surface by hand at intervals or invigorate them with electrical currents, advancing neurochemical activity.
  • In other words, the needles stimulate particular sensory nerves, jolting them to communicate with your brain. The brain activates an immune system response and increases circulation to that area, releasing endorphins – your natural painkillers – that travel through your body to bring about healing. The current causes your energy to travel through the communication channels, bringing balance to the immune and nervous systems.

The Benefits of Acupuncture Treatment for Depression

Several research studies indicate that acupuncture can reduce the gravity of depression, as measured by the Beck Depression Inventory and Hamilton scale for depression

  • This ancient practice produces almost no harmful side effects. It offers a way to treat depression naturally when used as part of a holistic approach, as endorphin release makes you feel invigorated and acts as a natural analgesic.
  • Evidence suggests that depression results from chronic inflammation. The needles make minuscule wounds all over your body, prompting an immune system response that counteracts inflammation to resist the tiny invasions. This reaction also combats any chronic inflammation that may be present.
  • Pregnant women would want to stop taking medications that may adversely affect their unborn baby. Studies show that acupuncture is a reliable option. Your overall health may increase because the process aim is to generate well-being. A visit to our certified, experienced acupuncturist – who knows how to address depression and anxiety

About Balanced Acupuncture

Our acupuncturist, Henri-Noel Venturini, has a bachelor’s degree from the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. He employs several treatments, such as electroacupuncture and traditional acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicines, massage, and moxibustion. Attain physical health, inner well-being, restore your spirit and care for your body with his help.

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