Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing at Balanced Acupuncture Clinic

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Monshah Healing Arts and Balanced Acupuncture Clinic uses crystal singing bowls in our healing sessions. These bowls are perfectly tuned to musical notes and have a profound affect on the cellular structure of the body. Clients who experience our crystal bowl sessions report of deep relaxation, improved sleep, less stress, and more positive view on life.

Man has been using sound for healing for many years, with scientific research has reviewed how sound affects the cells in the body. It has concluded that it is possibly a drug free way to relieve pain and illness in the body

Sound healing can be transmitted through

  1. The use of human voice
  2. By using one’s voice with other voices
  3. By using one’s voice when listening to music
  4. By listening to an instrument
  5. By listening to the sounds of nature


In 1665 a Dutch scientist Christian Huygens, discovered the principle of entrainment, when he noticed that the pendulum frequencies of two clocks mounted on the same wall or board became synchronized to each other. He surmised that the vibrations of air molecules would transmit small amounts of energy from one pendulum to the other and synchronize them to a common frequency.  This principle states that whenever two or more oscillators in the same field are pulsing at nearly the same rate, they tend to lock in and begin pulsing at exactly the same rate.

The Theory

The powerful rhythmic vibrations from one source will cause less powerful vibrations of another source to lock into the vibration of the first source. Systems theory states that; “the less diversity there is in a system the more energy it will conduct.” In terms of sound vibrations, the fewer components there are present in a system, the less diverse the resonant frequencies there are present, and the more easily a given single energy frequency or multiple energy frequencies will be conducted through the system. It takes less energy to pulse in cooperation that in opposition.


Another scientist Fabien Maman (1997) studied the use of sound on haemoglobin and ‘HeLa’ cancer cells from the uterus in cell cultures. The cancer cells were found to become unstable and disintegrate when they were played all the notes of the musical scale played at 30-40 decibels. “In contrast, healthy cells absorbed and integrated the sound without resistance.”

Other studies identify high-frequency sound wave as a cancer treatments. You have HIFU from a machine. The machine gives off the sound waves which deliver a strong beam to a specific part of a cancer.

This heats and destroys the cancer cells and is used for:

  1. rectal cancer
  2. cervical cancer
  3. vaginal cancer
  4. womb cancer
  5. soft tissue sarcoma
  6. pancreatic cancer
  7. breast cancer


Other benefits from sound healing can be:

  1. Reduced pain and inflammation
  2. Kidney stones and bunions disappearing
  3. Ovarian cysts shrinking in size
  4. Improved sleep pattern
  5. Reduction in number and severity of headaches
  6. A more positive attitude to life
  7. An increased ability to deal with life’s challenges
  8.  Improved memory and concentration Deep relaxation

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