Balanced Energy 5 Element massage

Monshah Healing clinic

Monshah Healing 5 element massage is an opportunity to experience the healing aspects of the Balanced Energy essential oil blends. The healing hands of our practitioners guide the flow of healthy energy through our client’s body to reduce stress and promote healing. Book now !!

All our practitioners are experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as being Reiki masters.

These blends of pure essential oils are also combined with the Balanced Energy Liquid Light Essences to create the  Aroma Energy Candles and Mists Sprays

Heartbeat of the Mother – Sensual and nurturing

Element of Earth

Grounding and balancing all chakras and meridians, aligns with new energies, activates the divine feminine, supports letting go, and nurturing through times of transition.

Wings of Joy- Uplifting and joyful

Element of Air or Metal

Uplifting which opens one’s creative expression, throat and sacral chakras, and encourages flexibility with a strong sense of self.

Path of no Resistance- Calming and soothing

Element of Water

This blend encourages emotional and psychic harmony, opens the solar plexus and third eye, courage, deep calm, cleansing

Emerging Spirit- Enlightening and indulging

Element of Wood

The divine masculine attributes of decisiveness and patience is reinforced with kindness and a sense of timing, having a strong sense of one’s path.

Pure Heart Pure Mind-Warming and cleansing

Element of Fire

With improved motivation assisting focus in meditation, burns away old energetic patterns, opens heart to compassion, brings peace.

Unity- Unifying and balancing

Element of Fire as light

Unifying and balancing this element relates to all the elements working together in harmony. Dissolves energetic blocks to connecting with the wider, cosmic consciousness.

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