Taiji and Qigong to Fortify the Kidney Essence

By Henri Venturini

In Taiji and Qigong there are many exercises that are designed to strengthen the kidney Essence and Qi flow. When we are born we inherit our Kidney essence from our parents and that is called pre-natal Qi, through life we replenish this essence with food and air. Regular Taiji and Qigon help to stem the usage of our pre-natal Qi by stilling the mind and relieving stress, so it is easier to top it up through regular diet low is an exercise that is both simple and effective.

Henri Qigong Stance

  • Adopt an easy standing posture with your feet under your hips and bend your knee
  • Allow your arms to hang comfortably by your aside without touching your hips and with the palms facing the ground
  • Start to imagine that you are standing in a calm mountain stream with the current flowing toward you and that you are holding two balls that are afloat on the surface of the stream under your palms. As you concentrate on keeping the balls under the water start to breath in deeply from the hands into your kidneys, and on the exhalation focus the chi flow down your legs into the earth
  • Keep repeating this breathing and visualization method for 5 minutes.
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